Padre Pio and His Work

Padre Pio: Teachings made by him

Hereby we want to reflect a bit on what Padre Pio has left us in his passage through Earth to urge us to ponder the importance of serving God. It is through mental prayer or meditation that Padre Pio invites us to follow God and be increasingly Christian with faith and service to others. These are some of the thoughts that make us all faithful followers in our organization of the work of Padre Pio and, therefore, friends of Padre Pio and hopefully in the near future, we can enjoy the House Relief of Suffering in Costa Rica and Central America.


Padre Pio said that the House for the Relief of Suffering would "be a temple of prayer and science, where the human race in Jesus crucified congregate as one flock under one shepherd." 
Also, it was intended for. " caring for bodies .. to reach the souls " 
In turn, Padre Pio felt that "The medicine I want must be truly human, must consider fully the human person, as a body and a soul" 
The main intention of the House for the Relief of Suffering is that "While serving them with the best achievements of science, wants to help them be in the path of God, draw them in the light of the gospel and teach them to sanctify their suffering by prayer." 
Prayer is the key that opens the heart of God. If Jesus is manifested, be thankful, if hidden, be thankful too. These are love games.


"The spiritual sons of these House that meet to pray together shall find here the home of all prayer groups, priests will find here their Cenacle; men, women and religious find homes for dealing here with more of their spiritual journey towards God and to live the love of God, consummation of Christian perfection, with faith, detachment and delivery. "This thought of Padre Pio is the driver of our organization, where this philosophy will be to lead our future work in the humanitarian hospital House Relief of Suffering.

"Friends of the groups would be little reason to build a church like this from beautiful San Francisco Bologna, build a" House for the Relief of Suffering ", which is also vital spirit, if we do not push something beyond us, unless we transform all our environments in a church, a "House for the Relief of Suffering", ie a house of charity ". This thought is also part of our philosophy with the future House Relief of Suffering in Costa Rica. The future hospital seeks to go beyond what we have in Costa Rica and will be for the same charity and solidarity of the Costa Rican people and others that this project will become a reality.


Prayer has been studied in several clinical studies which have demonstrated the effectiveness hen to improve the physical condition of people suffering from disease. Thus, the hospital decides to join Padre Pio´s prayer and science for the physical and spiritual welfare of those who suffer. The following are thoughts of Padre Pio regarding prayer: 
"Prayer is the strongest weapon and invincible against all dangers and assaults of the world. It is the weapon to fight and to win in any struggle of good versus evil." 
"The collective prayer done periodically between friends and acquaintances, raised for the encounter with Jesus, provides the souls of good will the opportunity to possess 
the goal of all spiritual life, the imitation of Christ, but to follow Him you need to know Him. " 
"Prayer is the key that opens the heart of God. If Jesus is manifested, be thankful, if hidden, be thankful too. These are love games. "

Road to sanctification

Mother Teresa said that "all christian has a mission to be holy." This is so because Christ himself gave us the mandate to be "holy as He is holy." With this project we invite everyone to be part of the mission of every Christian and solidarize with a project that is looking to follow God, Our Lord. The following quotes of Padre Pio invite us to be part of his work. 
"Meditation is very useful to save and absolutely necessary to start seriously our path of sanctification." 
"Whoever does not meditate, little or much, ends up losing the natural direction of life and so there are many men who habitually live in sin, even if they do not have an evil heart, simply because they do not meditate. " 
"The holy souls who meditate often and well, do nothing but recommend mental prayer ". 
"For this reason the soul usually stops in life, passion, death and resurrection of Jesus, our Lord, being the most appropriate theme, soft, delicious and rewarding to be chosen". 
"Contemplating Jesus we often fill our souls with Him: knowing Him, we will model our actions according to his actions. " 
"Methods to converse with God in order to improve our soul-this is the essence of meditation." 
Padre Pio insisted much on meditation daily and spiritual reading to better understand Christ and reflect on his life and passion. 
Become saints is an obligation of all , is easy and difficult-you said-difficult but not impossible, and the goal is reached upon falls and lifting oneself up. Falling is of humans, standing up is of angels. The saints in path of hurdles reached Paradise. Stumble after stumble, help us, oh Father, to become holy and blessed not only on earth, and always be together in Paradise.