Padre Pio and His Work

The most important work of Padre Pio on Earth

"Good works more than good wishes"

This hospital was the result of God's grace, the vision of Padre Pio and the help of prayer groups and the souls of good faith that with charity and love for the poor and sick, made this project a reality. Our goal, as an association, is to follow the same steps that were followed by the group of Padre Pio's spiritual children to carry out the project Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza in Italy. The hospital House Relief of Suffering is more than a hospital, it is a temple where prayer and science come together to give love to all suffering souls. Padre Pio wanted to transcend with this monumental hospital, changing medicine and humanizing it around the sick in order to be able to recognize Christ in all people suffering and in poverty.

This project is based in catholic concepts but invites all Christianity in general to join us in order to build the first humanitarian hospital in Central America. The purpose is to bring attention to a healthcare model in our geographical region, so that in the future it can expand throughout the region; the House Relief of Suffering will become an example for governments institutions of how science and prayer should become one to help the suffering souls and bodies. This is a project which will serve all people without regard of race, religion, ethnic or social group, as Padre Pio wanted and where mankind is united with Jesus Christ, as one flock under one pastor. We, therefore, invite all believers in Christ to join this project to be an expression of the love of Christ. It is through everyone's contribution to this project that it will become a reality and will represent the start of more projects to come to God's grace and honor.

The project was viewed as a clinic / hospital for all ages. The project will consist of an area of outpatient Family Medicine, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Dentistry, Social Work, Psychology, Physical Therapy, Nutrition and Spiritual Counseling. It will have another area of medical emergencies, clinical laboratory, pathology laboratory, pharmacy, X-ray, mammography and Ultrasound. In the second level you will find the hospital where there are 10 beds and 6 beds for inpatient care for the elderly and terminally ill patients. At a third level it has been proposed to construct a parish catechesis classrooms and spiritual counseling, and a rectory. It is estimated that in the first hospital there will be over 60 people employed including staff and medical staff. The association is the organization responsible for, at first, collect the funds to build this facility and then be in charge of managing the same, continue to expand the project to other regions of the country, and throughout Central America. To start, we considered high social risk populations of Guanacaste and the association currently owns a 30,000 square meters land in Cañas, Guanacaste for the construction of the first humanitarian hospital. The hospital in its early stage needs a total of 4 million USD for the construction and equipment of this facility.

Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza

Chain of Donations

"Daughter, be confident, your faith has healed"

It is through providence that this project will be sustained as it does today the House Relief of Suffering in Italy for over 50 years. Your donations are very important to make this project a reality. Be part of charity by donating to our current accounts or through online donations.

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Future Humanitarian Services

"A hospital for the body and soul"

The hospital is meant to treat all patients, from the newborn to the elderly. Some of the medical and spiritual services will be:

  • Family Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Gynecology and Obstetrics
  • Dentistry
  • Nutrition
  • Psychology
  • Social Work
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Additional Services: X-ray, Ultrasound,  Pharmacy, Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
  • Hospital: 10 beds for admissions
  • Casa del Padre Pio: 6 rooms for palliative care people with terminal illnesses or disabling.

The Project

  • First Stage

    Construction of a 2-level hospital with outpatient areas and emergency hospitalizations on the first and second level.

  • Second Stage

    Construction of a parish center and prayer groups rectory in a third level with classrooms for groups of prayer and evangelization and catechesis of inpatients and their families

Prayer Groups

Healthcare Model

Where prayer and science come together in Jesus Christ crucified

This project aims to be a model for our health care system in Costa Rica and Central America for the good of all people. From a holistic point of view, the project is trying to treat people as a human being, with a body and a soul. This is why we will have professionals in the field of family medicine, nutrition, social work, psychology, physical therapy and spiritual advisors, as priests and educators. In this way we reproduce the ideology of the House Relief of Suffering in Italy where love for the others is essential and help for the sick will be from a physical standpoint, but also spiritual. It is planned to start this way, and God willing, make the parish center and prayer groups rectory in a third level or on a lower floor, below the same hospital. This interdisciplinary team will seek to help people with all their needs, both physical and social, psychological, nutritional and spiritual, working together to improve the quality of patients and their families so that they can find a direction in their lives and achieve physical and spiritual change to follow Jesus, our Lord and King. Prayer groups are key to this ultimate goal for people suffering in their lives, giving their life to God and do as the wife of Peter when healed by Christ, she stood up and served Christ. This model of healthcare, given the current conditions of our healthcare system, with the contribution of all, can benefit the general population of our country, both insured and uninsured, as estimated by the First Survey of Household Expenditure on Health coordinated by the Ministry of Health, implemented by the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INEC) during the first quarter of 2006, where it was estimated that the annual spending per household in private practice amounted more than 260,000 colones a year. This is where our organization seeks to reduce these amounts for the benefit of all Costa Ricans under a European medical healthcare model of solidarity and a unique spiritual vision in the world. We hope that Costa Ricans in good faith contribute to this noble cause that will bring an alternative solution to the problems facing the country in public health.