Padre Pio and His Work

Padre Pio: Prayer Groups

Padre Pio was a faithful servant and a lover of prayer. That is why one of his greatest works was the creation of prayer groups. He always envisioned that these prayer groups were beacons of light and love in the world. Among his teachings, we have the following phrases: "Pray, pray to the Lord with me, because everyone is in need of prayer. And every day, when your heart feels more loneliness in life, pray, pray with the Lord, also, because God needs our prayers. " Under this philosophy he created the prayer groups, a believer of creating an army of praying people who were "leaven" in the world by the power of prayer. John Paul II himself described it as Padre Pio´s heritage and publicly thanked Padre Pio, leaving on Earth the joy of these prayer groups to the whole Catholic Church.

Prayer groups are the result of the ministry of Padre Pio. The faithful who spoke with him always had Padre Pio´s recommendation for praying, this was the essence of his daily teachings. Groups of faithfuls were feeling the need to come together and pray, closely related to the other great work of Padre Pio, the Home for the Relief of Suffering, where all the faithfuls were praying in their various nuclei for this project for the suffering and ill..

The statutes governing the prayer groups are:

  • Full and unconditional adherence to the doctrines of the Catholic Church, led by the Pope and the bishops.
  • Obedience to the Pope and the bishops, whose spokesman, is the priest spiritual director.
  • Praying with the Church, for the Church and in the Church with the active participation in the liturgical and sacramental life,
  • Repair through participation in the sufferings of Christ
  • Active charity in the relief of suffering and the needy, as practice of the love of God


These prayer groups have grown over the years, existing not only in Italy but throughout the world. For several years, in Costa Rica, there has been the formation of the Prayer Groups of Padre Pio in the Parish of Corpus Christi in La Aurora de Heredia. Today they have prayer groups throughout our country and are fundamental to the realization of this project, as they were for the original project of Padre Pio in Italy.