Mision de Asociacion Padre Pio


It is creating a humanitarian hospital for the care of all people regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, social status, political or economic background under the motto of "caring for the body to heal the soul", working with government entities responsible for providing healthcare in order to care for the illness of the human being at the psychological, social, physical and spiritual level.

Our organization aims to raise funds for the creation of a hospital inspired by the work of Padre Pio "House for the Relief of Suffering" which was founded in 1956 in Italy and continues to provide care to all without cost to patients living in poverty. In addition, the healthcare model is unique in the world, where the human being is treated holistically, as a person, body and soul, and must be addressed both equally. The medical group is distinguished by humanitarian and spiritual qualities unique in the world, a model of care and professionalism we seek to develop in Costa Rica with a medical facility for further medical education in Costa Rica and Central America.


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The help of volunteers is very important in order to achieve the goal of creating the House for the Relief of Suffering hospital. Join our group of volunteers who help out in building this noble project with the help of God and the intercession of Padre Pio.

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History of Padre Pio and His Work

May 25, 1887
Francisco Forgione is born in Pietrelcina.
January 22, 1903
Wears the Capuchin habit in Morcone and is named Friar Pio of Pietrelcina
September 20, 1918
Receives the stigmata in his hands, feet and side.
January 9, 1940
The project for the Relief of Suffering starts. Learn more



Be the largest organization in Central America and the Caribbean of humanitarian aid, creating hospitals and clinics throughout the region to improve the health care of patients, inspired by the teachings of Padre Pio, being home to the relief of suffering in Central America and the Caribbean, and also medical centers for spiritual conversion, physical healing and spiritual development of human beings, where prayer and science unite in Christ crucified.

The New Evangelization

"The message of Christ means above all to be witness of Him through our lives. This is the easiest way to preach the Gospel and the most profitable for you ... The world today has a special need of credible witnesses." These words of Pope John Paul II are among the many messages he conveyed in life to begin the "new evangelization" in the Catholic Church. Given the changes in the lifestyles of the modern world, John Paul II considered a need for a "new evangelization" that should be carried out by all Catholics, to spread the message of Christ in our own lives and actions.