Padre Pio and His Work

Donate now and help us bring this humanitarian project to Costa Rica and all Central America

Your donation is very important to build and maintain this project, eventually improving the condition of people with low income and social risk, while evangelizing them in order to make a profound change in their lives.

It is through your donations that the miracles of charity can change our world. Help us find the economic support necessary to make this work a reality. Padre Pio's work requires everyone´s generous charity, where Costa Rica will take this healthcare model unique in the country and Central America and extend from our country to all Central America.


Our association has partnered with Amigos of Costa Rica, a non profit 501(c)3 NGO in the USA, in order to receive donations that can be tax-deductible in the USA. You can send a check to:

Amigos of Costa Rica
c/o María A. Rodil
1250 24th Street, NW
Suite 300
Washington, DC 20037

Please write a note stating that the donation is for the Project Home for the Relief of Suffering Corpus Christi, your name and address to have a receipt sent to you by this organization. You can also send us an email to to let us know about your donation. We appreciate your collaboration and God bless you all.


We also have our Costa Rican bank accounts where you can donate for this project.

Banco Popular y de Desarrollo Comunal

Credit Account Colones 16101008910237980 under the name of Asoc. Padre Pío

SINPE Account Colones 16101008910237980 and cédula jurídica 3-002-666841


Banco Nacional de Costa Rica

Credit Account Colones 100-01-152-000699-0 under the name of Asoc. Padre Pio y Su Obra de Ayuda al Enfermo

Credit Account Dollars 100-02-152-600290-8

SINPE Account Colones 15115220010096777 and cédula jurídica 3-002-666841


A Humanitarian Hospital

Where prayer and science unite in Jesus Christ crucified

This is the motto in which Padre Pio built the House for the Relief of Suffering. The same is followed by our association, which has taken the task to bring to Costa Rica a healthcare system unique in the world and the current conditions of our health care system and government needs a project like this one to bring about change in the comprehensive care of our Costa Rican population.

Our project aims to be an alternative to the problems of the current healthcare system in Costa Rica. Although Costa Rica enjoys good general healthcare indicators, the reality is that our health care system is far from a developed country healthcare system. This is why it is urgent to create alternative healthcare systems that benefit low-income populations and the middle class that is suffering from a deteriorated system. The Healthcare Model House Relief of Suffering is unique in the world and we believe it is necessary and appropriate for the country and Central America. It is through the contribution of all that this work is going to be maintained, by the providence and charity of people who want to make a change in our country, in the health care model and be able to change the medical practice in Costa Rica in order to have a medical professionals treating persons as a complete human being, with a body and soul.

Current Healthcare System in Costa Rica

The Ministry of Health is a regulator and epidemiological control
Unlike other nations, Costa Rica does not have a Ministry of Health that provides medical care to people without insurance by the Social Security Fund, leaving a population of around 15% unattended , this number between domestic and foreign population is growing. See news
The Social Security Fund is in a financial crisis
Our healthcare system has been for several years now with appointment delays, without enough hospital beds to serve the entire insured population. On top of this, our social security is undergoing a financial crisis that threatens the quality of care given to the population, mostly to the poor and illegals. See news
Private Medicine with a very high cost
Given all these problems, the middle class who pays social insurance does not have a proper attention, therefore they have to visit the private healthcare system, with a very high cost for the middle class, generating a economic burden to this economic group that has to get in debt for private medicine that is the only option that can meet their basic healthcare needs. See news

Future Humanitarian Services

  • Family Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Gynecology and Obstetrics
  • Dentistry
  • Nutrition
  • Psychology
  • Social Work
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Additional Services: X-ray, Ultrasound,  Pharmacy, Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
  • Hospital: 10 beds for admissions
  • Casa del Padre Pio: 6 rooms for palliative care patients with terminal illnesses or disabling.

Healthcare Model

Where prayer and science unite in Jesus Christ crucified

This project aims to be a model for our health care system in Costa Rica and Central America for the good of all people. From a holistic point of view, the project is trying to treat people as a human being, with a body and a soul. This is why we will have professionals in the field of family medicine, nutrition, social work, psychology, physical therapy and spiritual advisors as priests and educators. In this way we reproduce the ideology of the House Relief of Suffering in Italy where love for the others is essential and help for the sick will be from a physical standpoint, but also spiritual. It is planned to start this way, and God willing, to make the parish center and prayer groups rectory in a third level or on a lower floor, below the same hospital. This interdisciplinary team will seek to help people with all their needs, both physical and social, psychological, nutritional and spiritual, working together to improve the quality of patients and their families so that they can find a direction in their lives and achieve physical and spiritual change to follow Jesus, our Lord and King. Prayer groups are key to this ultimate goal for people suffering in their lives, giving their life to God and do as the wife of Peter when healed by Christ, she stood up and served Christ.

This model of care given the current conditions of our health care system can with the contribution of all, benefit the general population of the country, both insured and uninsured, as estimated by the First Survey of Household Expenditure on Health coordinated by the Ministry of Health, implemented by the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INEC) during the first quarter of 2006 is estimated that annual spending per household in private practice amounted to 260,000 colones. This is where our partnership seeks to reduce these amounts for the benefit of all Costa Ricans under a medical model of European solidarity and a unique spiritual vision in the world. We hope that Costa Ricans in good faith contribute to this noble cause that will bring an alternative to the problems facing the country in public health.

The Project