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Asociación Padre Pío y Su Obra
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Future Humanitarian Hospital: Site

Cañas, Guanacaste
Se ha proyectado que el futuro hospital se encuentre en los alrededores de Cañas, Guanacaste. Este sería nuestro primer hospital y posteriormente estaríamos realizando otros hospitales en otras provincias.

We invite you to contact us!

We invite all Christians and people of good faith to contact us to join hands to make this project a reality for the honor of our Lord Jesus Christ

We want people know about Padre Pio's greatest work on Earth, a temple of prayer and physical healing to all who suffer and find a friendly hand that will help them find Christ and follow Him.

Be part of our project or contact us to tell us your story about a miracle done by God through Padre Pio´s intercession.

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