Padre Pio and His Work

Our Organization... another Prayer Group of Padre Pio

Our organization, Board members and associates, is a group of friends of Padre Pio, and is part of the thousands of prayer groups of Padre Pio in the world

Each of our members is considered a friend of Padre Pio, and in turn a spiritual son of him. Our organization is based on the life and work of this singular saint and we strongly believe that Padre Pio is our spiritual guide to achieve the goal of building the hospital House Relief of Suffering in Costa Rica.

Our legal name is Asociación Padre Pío y Su Obra de Ayuda al Enfermo (Padre Pio and His Work of Relieft to the Sick Association) and the Board of Directors consists of:

President: Jorge Alvarado Barrantes

Vice-President: Andrea Maria Barrantes Araya

Treasurer: Delio Gamboa Pereira

Prosecutor: María de los Ángeles Segura Cascante

Vocal 1: Edgar Chavarria Chinchilla

Vocal 2: Andrés Marín Soto

Secretary: Mariela Ocampo Araya

Our association meets in the homes of each member and the Corpus Christi Parish in La Aurora de Heredia to pray for this project and look for the illumination of God to find the best ways to achieve the most important work in Costa Rica and Central America, the House Relief of Suffering Corpus Christi in Costa Rica. The association has the support of the Episcopal Conference of Costa Rica, the Metropolitan Curia, the Apostolic Nunciature in Costa Rica, the Ministry of Health in Costa Rica and the Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza in Italy by the Medical Director, Dr. Domenico Di Bisceglie.

Together we have taken on the task of making the work of Padre Pio a reality in Central America with this project, to be a model for future projects that will be carried out in Costa Rica and throughout Central America in honor of Christ our Lord .

Your Donations

With the help of all believers in Christ and the good souls we will make this project a reality

The work of Padre Pio demonstrates that "ordinary miracles "of God pass through our charity. That is why we need the love of all Christians and the generous souls to fulfill this noble project.

Donate to our association and become part of the "ordinary miracles" of this plan of God.

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Be a Sponsor

With the support of private companies and organizations we can have the first humanitarian hospital in Costa Rica

Private companies can be of great help to build the House for the Relief of Suffering. Be part of the sponsors and help financially by contributing selflessly to build this noble work of God.

Donations will be for

  • Helping poor children

    The House Relief of Suffering will be a medical facility where poor and ill children will find a home

  • Elderly Homecare

    The House Relief of Suffering will be a home for the poor elderly that due to his medical condition needs specialized medical care and love.

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House Relief of Suffering "Corpus Christi"

The greatest work of Padre Pio on Earth is the Home for the Relief of Suffering hospital

Our goal is to build a model of holistic health care similar to the work of Padre Pio in Italy. The House Relief of Suffering will be a unique humanitarian hospital in the country with a focus on humane care and spiritual healing for people with problems of the body and soul.


The Project