Padre Pio and His Work

House Relief of Suffering: Padre Pio`s biggest work on Earth

The relief of suffering was so important to Padre Pio and the direction of souls. Two aspects of the same love for God and the others. His work is based on two pillars, members of one another: the prayer groups and the relief of suffering. Padre Pio was surrounded by the sick at the beginning of his mission and did not close his eyes to physical illness. He was not a person that will ignore the body and give himself to prayer only. On the contrary, demanded that people would come to physicians, even when he was not so fond to them and how they served in the medical system that existed in Italy at that time. When he got the appearance of the stigmata, Padre Pio grew to crowds who came to him, mostly sick. They begged him to heal them or pray to the Lord for them. He comforted them, promised prayers and suffered with them, wanted to see them healed and began devising ways to help them.

On 9 January 1940, the work began for the relief of suffering. For this project he used his spiritual sons. They formed a committee where the founder was Padre Pio, Dr. Mario Salvico secretary, Guillermo Sanguinetti technical doctor, Dr. Carlos Kisvarday and the Director of the internal organization, Miss Ida Seitz. These people will inspire confidence to Padre Pio, were dynamic, capable and above all, full of faith. The work began to form but then the war would come so the work had to be stopped. The place for meetings was the home of Dr. Kisvarday, which was installed a few meters of the convent for the love of Padre Pio. He would be in charge of accounting. The war ended but had shaken bodies and souls, families, psychologies, attitudes. There were hundreds ill, tuberculosis, disabled, all revolved around Padre Pio. The work restarts and from the beginning the project is moved with extreme caution, in order with all the precision and demanding security Padre Pio will demand. The first stone was blessed by Padre Pio without solemnity in the convent at the end of spring 1947. Angel Lupi was the architect and builder of the central body of the House for the Relief of Suffering. Raised with sincere contributions of the faithful from all continents, The Home for the Relief of Suffering opened to patients on May 5, 1956.

The idea came from the thought of Padre Pio: "These evils are sons of guilt, betrayal perpetrated by man to God ... A single act of love of man to God is as precious in his eyes that He would be okay by paying you with the gift of all creation ... Love is no more but the glory of God in man ... the very essence of God personified in the Holy Spirit ... We poor creatures, we should give God all the Love that we can ... to be like God, our love should be infinite, but unfortunately only God is infinite ... Anyway, we should devote all love to God so that the Lord can say one day: I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was hungry and you gave me food, suffering and comforted me ... The man who forgot himself bows to the wounds of the helpless brother, raised to the Lord in prayer more beautiful and noble, made of sacrifice and love come true, delivering body and soul ... In every man who suffers is Jesus suffering. In every poor is Jesus fainting. Jesus is in the poor and sick two times, suffering and fainting ... "
Padre Pio, on May 5, 1956, feast of St. Pius, in the ceremony of the inauguration of the House for the Relief of Suffering said: "This is the creature that Providence, helped by you-the-prayer groups, created, I present. Behold and bless the Lord with me. I thank the benefactors and everyone who helped. "
"Prayer groups have a mission to be beacons of light and love in the world."

"Padre Pio" - are the words of John Paul II in his homily on May 2, 1999 - "wanted a first class hospital, but mostly was worried that it will truly practice a "humanized" medicine, where the contact with the patient is distinguished by the warmest and most cordial welcome. He knew that those who are sick and suffering, required not only a correct application of therapeutic procedures, but also and above all a human and spiritual care that allows us to be in contact with God's love and the tenderness to one another. " In its construction, and the following remodelations, up to the current figures of 1,200 beds and more than 3,000 workers involved in it, the "Home for the Relief of Suffering" - are again the words of Pope - can demonstrate that "the ordinary miracles" of God pass through our charity. "
Padre Pio presented the "creature of Providence" to the overflowing crowd: "It has been planted in the earth a seed that God, our Lord, will protect with the warm rays of love ... This work is starting to live ... One step of the way to be traveled, and is achieved. There we stand, we respond to the call of the Lord solicitous for the cause of good, fulfill each one's duty: I, in unceasing prayer, as unprofitable servant of our Lord Jesus Christ, I'm going with the ardent desire of my heart to strengthen against all suffering humanity to present me to the mercy of the Heavenly Father. "

The House Relief of Suffering is currently one of the most efficient hospitals in Europe and holds agreements with several countries. In 2011, the House Relief of Suffering in Italy signed an agreement with Costa Rica, agreement that the Ministry of Health is the executing unit and our association aims to be involved in Costa Rica to bring the mystique and ideology one of the greatest works in the world, available to those that are in most need in Central America.